COVID-19 Pack - 22 Icons

COVID-19 pack with 22 animated icons. Each one is also sold separately. Includes:

Rubbing Alcohol, COVID-19 Cell, Disinfecting Spray, Face Mask, COVID-19 Face Shield, First Aid Kit, Plastic Gloves, Vaccine, Liquid Soap, No Touch Symbol, One Meter Distance Rule, Safety Goggles, Safety Boots, Healthcare Shield, Soap Bar, Spray Can, Stay At Home Symbol, Medical Tablets, COVID-19 Thermometer, Digital Thermometer, Tissue Box, Hands Washing

$60.00 $29.00

  • Format: GIF
  • Resolution Category: 1080
  • Frame Rate: 30
  • Transparent Background: Yes
  • Looping: Yes
  • File Size: 62.4 MB
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