Simple Commission Structure

Some of the highest commissions in the industry!


on all of our in-house products on the marketplace


on all products uploaded by our contributors

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Earn some of the highest commissions in the industry

Referral Window

We offer a robust referral window of 45 days to track referred sales, from the first click

Not Just
The First Sale

Unlike most marketplace out there, we'll credit you all the sales you generate during the referral window, no just the first sale


We payout monthly, so you get paid faster. Stable and predictable.

Simple Payouts

Paid Monthly

Paid by 15th of each month for all commissions generated in the previous month

PayPal Payouts

Most commissions are paid through PayPal, with a minimum threshold of $50

Other Payouts

For commissions over $100, we can send to any bank account or currency supported by


Brad Gosse, Founder of (sold now)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Simply sign up for a free VideoPlasty account, fill in your details and your affiliate account will be ready to use immediately without any further approval.
At the moment, most of the assets sold on VideoPlasty are created in-house by our team. On those, you can earn a healthy 50% commission. We also have a contributor program and we expect that in the future we will have more products uploaded by other vendors. For sales of those products, you earn a 33% commission, the contributors earn 33% and the remaining 34% stays with us.
We pay the previous month’s commissions, every single month by the 15th.
No problem, we can most likely do bank transfers to any country in the world that is supported by - you can either check directly on their website or reach out to support and we’ll see if we can onboard you.

More Questions?

Check out our Help Center to find out more information about the Affiliate Program